A new experience in the most pristine and preserved sanctuary of the brazilian savannah .

A total interaction with nature and wildlife.






Korubo Safari Camp is located in the largest preservation area of the Brazilian savanna (cerrado), between the Ecological Station of Serra Geral and the State Park of Jalapão.

Its ten large tents are equipped with double beds and are strategically placed under shady cashew tress and mangaba trees (local tree), bordering the beautiful and crystal-clear Novo River (Rio Novo), providing to its visitors a unique experience along with nature and the wild life



Jalapão is one of the newest nature destinations in Brazil.

Located in the heartland of Brazil, in the State of Tocantins, bordering the states of Bahia, Maranhão and Piauí, in the North region; it has one of the smallest population rate in the country. The difficult access was the major factor in the preservation of this sanctuary, where, from still untouched Veredas (typical of the cerrado), crystal- clear and abundant water flow, thus forming endless rivers in the middle of a dry and beautiful scenery. These conditions also provide life to a variety of amazing animals and plants fully adapted to this savanna region.