Safari Camp: brazilian savannah ( camp location) , tents, Dinner, Moonrise by the river

The Korubo Safari Camp will provide you a unique experience, enabling a complete interaction with Nature and wildlife. Its ten large tents are equipped with double beds and are strategically placed under shady cashew and mangaba trees (local tree), bordering the beautiful and crystal-clear Novo River (Rio Novo).

The structure is available all year round and its facilities include carefully cleaned bathrooms supplied with hot shower at the end of the day and a cottage with hammocks to relax between the daily activities.


During your stay in Jalapão, our chef prepares delicious meals with fresh and high quality ingredients. Our local staff is always motivated to provide you with the entire essential care, so as you can enjoy every moment.All trips are for small groups, reducing the environmental impact and allowing us to offer an exclusive service for our guests. In our job policy, we search for practices that comply with the Sustainable Tourism. Our structure does not use brickwork constructions: the architecture is fully integrated with the scenery. We also use alternative sources of energy, employ local native workers and stimulate the production and trade of the local handicraft.
The roads and trails across Jalapão are a challenge for those willing to explore and discover its beauties and wildlife.

Korubo’s vehicles were developed to specially provide safety, trustworthiness and comfort.
For those who wish to enjoy the wind and the sun, the external seats and the rooftop seats are a safe and exciting way to travel across the savanna